Decoupage Pumpkin


I am always on the lookout for easy crafts.  I found one of the easiest crafts to do WITH YOUR KIDS.    I had one of those small real pumpkins, that are pretty impossible to crave. Did I mention this project is super cheap, almost free if you already own a bottle of Mod Podge.  I saw this project on t.v., but could not remember.  So I googled it and found directions over at Make and Takes.

What you will need:

Mod Podge

2-3 sheets of tissue paper

Small Pumpkin

Take your tissue paper and cut several banana shaped cut outs.  Coat the back of the paper with a thin coat of your mod podge.  You can do 2-3 at a time, but don’t do to many because the paper needs to be wet when it is applied.  Press the paper to the pumpkin and carefully smooth out any air bubbles, but don’t worry about wrinkles.  Continue til the pumpkin is covered.  Let is dry about 15 minutes and then do a top coat of mod podge.  The design opportunities are endless.  You can add an initial, or pictures.  I have a safari bathroom, so I choose a cheetah print with a bow on top.


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